Visual Poetry series is a “window” into a dream world that is contemplative and haunting through aesthetically minimal images filled with texture, energy, and movement. Each of the photographs is accompanied by a series of abstract titles. In much the same way that poems may be deconstructed – the way human relationships are often deconstructed – the totality of titles may be read in various ways, either from first to last consecutively, two lines at a time or three lines at a time creating a poem. The intent is for the viewers to experience a connection to the work through conceiving their own story and moving fluidly within the images as if they were moving through someone’s body – the body of a lover, I suppose.

Literary poetry and visual poetry are inseparable to me. Their fusion is my way of making sense of life. When I was young, language and art were the two things I could rely on, the tools I had through which to view and interact with the world around me.

When I decided to become an artist, I chose to begin living in a very deliberate manner, and with a certain way of moving through the world. I am now living my entire life from this position. The voice I am attempting to create in my art is one that struggles, and most importantly, one that is alive and passionate. This voice often responds to outside influences, which can take the form of another person. But this is also a voice that resists or even transcends outside forces, outside voices. This preoccupation in my work directly relates to my own experiences and the ways in which they have shaped my life and my artistic expression. Visual Poetry resonates in ever-widening circles outward, seeking to encompass all who are engaged in a similar emotional journey.