Ever since I was a child growing up in a small city in the Ukraine I have been intrigued by city wildlife. Birds in particular have been a quiet subject of my observation and admiration.

My childhood memories are stamped with the recognition of how different migratory bird species behave and how their behavior is so closely integrated into a relationship with the changing seasons - the same seasons that intensely influence human life and emotion. Swallows building their nests, for example, offer a glimpse of a significantly uplifting and collective experience. The sights and sounds of these birds evoked in me associations of spring after a long, cold winter - a feeling to which almost everyone can relate.

Rock Doves, commonly known as pigeons, are anything but common. I find them to be important subjects for observation. As children we are awed by these communal birds. Indeed, in city life, pigeons are often one of the only avian experiences many people have!

When I arrived in New York City one of the first things I noticed is how the urban "wild life" is often considered a nuisance, rather than an opportunity for observation and emotional growth. Many people living in the city simply do not have the time to pause and reflect on the beauty that surrounds them. We are often too busy thinking to let ourselves feel.

The Aves series is thus a manifestation of a process of deconstruction of thought. It is, in a sense, a tool I use to communicate to the viewer a message of encouragement to take a quiet pause and experience the essence of time and space. In this way, the visual experience becomes an emotional one.

In today's world of excess, instant gratification, information overload, distraction, and continuous movement toward some or other "destination" I would like to take my audience to a place that is not a "destination" or a memory, rather an "in-between" place, the process itself, and the emotions that encompass memory. The intention of this series is to invite the viewer to dwell for a moment in a place between dreams and awakening, imagination and reality, past and present, intention and action, truth and fiction.